GEEK LOVE: How a Freak Family Inspired Your Pop Culture Heroes.

"KURT COBAIN AND COURTNEY LOVE were fans.Terry Gilliam—former Monty Pythonite and the director of Time BanditsBrazil, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas—calls it “the most romantic novel about love and family I have read. It made me ashamed to be so utterly normal.” In the ’90s, Harry Anderson, the magician and actor (he played the Judge on Night Court) optioned the film rights and wrote a movie script himself. Flea, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist, adores it. “Certain books,” he says, “are so imaginative that they suck you into a world that you’d never known existed. They make you feel like you’re being let in on this secret. It’s life-changing.”

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Itchy & Scratchy in “Spay Anything”

Itchy & Scratchy in “Spay Anything”


The execution of Eugene Weidmann

The June 17, 1939, Eugene Weidmann was beheaded outside the prison Saint-Pierre in Versailles. The jubilation by the people, many holding up their glasses and shouting “Vive la mort” - were so scandalous that French President Albert Lebrun forbade future public executions. Unknown at the time by the authorities, the execution was filmed from the balcony of an apartment next to the prison. British actor Christopher Lee, who was then 17, witnessed the terrible execution.

Poise is called the ability to face the guillotine without losing your mind. - Marcus Aurelius Almazan, writer and diplomat.

Christopher Lee!

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Thought you guys might find this interesting as well, here is Cosmo’s plus size model, Robyn Lawley. You can find the photo here, and see how enraged everyone else is at the idea of “plus size”

My favourite comment was:
"Dear Cosmo,
Kindly take your ideas of “plus size” and shove them up your ass sideways.

Every man on the planet who has had to reassure his perfectly healthy and proportioned woman she’s not fat because assholes like you perpetuate this idea in her head that she’s “plus size”

that guy though ^

fucking hell
and people wonder why I feel like shit about my body

Fact: Robyn Lawley is 12 feet tall.

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Culver City, CA
May 2013


If you’re going to pitch your city to the X Games, here’s the way to do it. Go get ‘em, Detroit.

Bless you boys.

Los Angeles, CA
September 3, 2012

Los Angeles, CA
September 3, 2012

Santa Barbara Zoo
June, 2012

  1. Camera: Nikon D90
  2. Aperture: f/6.3
  3. Exposure: 1/500th
  4. Focal Length: 200mm

I pity the poor fool who don’t eat my cereal!


I pity the poor fool who don’t eat my cereal!